~:Happenings around Home

Our friend Carl, is here visiting us, for the week, and we are having a wonderful time...

The other day it was so nice out, we took a nice long stroll through the woods.

There was this great big wasp's nest, up in that tree...I am going back for it.

Carl, taking pictures too.

This was the neatest stump!

Lovely colors...

Carl giving rides in the sulky...

The little gals, with their new little friend, Annie Rose.

Re-arranging, around the home.

Domino Art.


Delicious homemade pizzas-everyone made their own, and choose their toppings.


  1. What fun! I, too, have been doing a bit of rearranging, not of furniture, but of pictures and things. Will have to take some pics! I will be off tomorrow, so maybe I can sneak in a blog post. Much love to everyone - Give all a BIG HUG from me - Raquel xooxxoxoxXOxooxoxoxoXOxoxoxoxoXO Love the pic of the little girls - so precious!

  2. What do you plan to do with the nest, and how do you plan to get it down? We have one, too, attached to the eave. The workmanship involved is impressive!

    You take the most beautiful pictures! It is like you are an artist with the camera. What kind of camera helps you to take these?


  3. So nice. Thanks for sharing your home with us too :)

  4. Mmmm, those pizzas made my mouth water!

  5. Dear Rosie,

    What beautiful pictures; your family has the most fun! I hope everyone is staying cozy this autumn.



  6. If you have removed the wasp's nest, would you please tell me how you did it? We, also, have a large one - so far, we've just left it where it is. What do you plan to do with this one?


  7. I just love your blog Rosie! I have had such a lovely time exploring it again today.

  8. Your home looks so lovely and cozy for the season. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Amaija just amazes me with her creative genius with paper and sticks. Such a bright and capable mind she has in that cute little head of hers.


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