“All mushrooms are edible - once”

"Not presume to dictate, but broiled fowl and mushrooms - capital thing!”

Yes, this is what we have been doing a lot...only swimming in the water..not gliding over the top of it!

With all this hot weather, the thought of cooking can be a bit daunting-especially the baking. 
We try to bake earlier , or later in the afternoon, when it is not quite so warm out.

In this hot weather hats are a must. 
It is rather a common sight to see on of the littles walk by, wearing a straw hat, announcing, "I'm off to do some hay"....

..and then they get on the tractor and wagon and head off!

Not too much sewing lately, but I'm sure we will get around to our sewing projects soon....

Lots of knitting though... Aimaija proudly shows off her knitting. 

I love the red color she chose....


  1. I am with you - so hot here that I cook early or late or not at all!! LOL Love the Downton Abbey pic! Much love to all - Raquel XoxoxoxoxXoxoxoxoxXoxoxoxoxxoXo

  2. We're eating later or relying on a combination of the crockpot or cold meals.

    Love Aimaija's red, too. Looks like she is doing a great job.

  3. Simple cool meals here. Even the crockpot makes the kitchen warm.

    I tried rowing this weekend and now wish my own rowboat. And, of course, you posted a picture! Makes me smile.



  4. We have finally had a break in the unbearable heat, here. It's still warm, but not so knock-you-down hot! :o) I hope the days are cooling a bit, for you, too! :)


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