:~:Forth of July in New England:~:

My taking so very long to post about our adventure was do to the fact that there are so very many pictures...the up-loading of them can be a very daunting task :)

We older ones of The Clan, headed off to New England, for the weekend of the Forth. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time!
We visited with dear friends, went to our favorite old haunts, and went to the ocean...

Anyway, here at long last they are!

Lovely old buildings.

Walking along the ocean..

Julia, walking behind me.

Walking along the beach.

We went to our old library...and took a walk in the park.

Stan Lee, at our (still!) favorite pizza place.

We stopped by and saw our dear friends, Judy and Charlie (that we lived next to for 16 years!).

Then we went and walked around the old place~no one is living there, and the house is empty....

Out for Chinese Food, with our wonderful friend, that we have known our whole lives, Uncle Paul.

We also saw our dear, sweet, and lovely grandmother....

and Aunt Denise (and Uncle John).

And then we spent time visiting with our friends, who's house we stayed at....

Playing games.

With a lot of people!

Independence Day.


Georgie and Julia.



Lots of picture-takers....

Believe it or not...this is a cake!


The play was very well done.


We always need the "Lilly and Me" picture!

Bekah takes over the camera.

Melanie looks like she saw something rather funny, and Amanda looks like something shocked her!


More spectators.

Another (yes, *another*!) camera bug.