~Sophia, playing out by the tire swing~
"Lately I have come to find,
That I should be more aware of time.
The years move on, folks come and go,
The seasons change, the rivers flow,
The world turns 'round,
Grass grows from the ground.
Mountains are high, and valleys are low,
But one thing, for sure I know,
That as I grow older (and wiser I hope!),
I find that it is not a joke,
That time marches on, in it's own steady way,
Month-by-month, and day-by-day!"

"Rules for Self Discovery:
1. What we want most;
2. What we think about most;
3. How we use our money;
4. What we do with our leisure time;
5. The company we enjoy;
6. Who and what we admire;
7. What we laugh at."
~ Tozer ~