:~Wonderful Weekend...

Due to busyness these pictures are a bit old, two weeks ago, to be exact!

It seems that Spring, warm weather and sunshine are all finally here, and we enjoying it very much!

We had a busy weekend, with Matt coming to visit, and also Sophie (come to visit from Norway), came a spend a couple days with us.

We had a lot of fun, with visiting, shooting guns, reading, eating good food, playing games, taking walks, and fossil hunting.

First signs of Spring...

Celiesa, playing pony...

Little wind-blown lass.

Julia, stacking wood.

You mean, me cut??

(and yes, I did take it, and use it!)


Joe's Art.


Shooting Guns

Gun Art.

Stan Lee loading his weapon.

He fires!

Apparently it takes two to reload it....

Neat bag.

Julia's turn.

Then Dad's.

Then mine.

Aimiaja gets a turn- with a helping hand from Matt.

Then, Nicholai fires.

....and last of all Matt.

A trip to The Fossil pit....

Julia and Sophie.

Julia and Matt, skipping stones.

Sophie watches...

Nicholai, wading in mud boots!


The Puddle-stomper.

Fossil hunters-busy hunting.


I guess Matt found a fossil....

Heading back.


Sophie, letting Aimaija take a picture on her camera.

Sophie, taking a picture.

We find a log pile, and climb it!


and very big the pile was!

Sophie and Matt.

Matt got given the task of carrying the fossil buckets.


Trip to town...

Wesley trying out a guitar, in the guitar store.

Three of the brothers.

Shoe shopping.


The buyers...

...and the on-lookers.

Joe Art.

More Joe Art.

Up the escalator.

And that is all for now.
I do have more pictures, but will have to upload them some other time :)


  1. Fantastic pictures Rosie! I enjoyed every one of them!

  2. I found your blog and it is neat to see all the things you do with your siblings. I am the oldest of 8 brothers and sisters. It would be great if you followed my blog and left a note.

  3. Such a lovely weekend, indeed!

    Love all the photos....

    Isn't it nice that Spring is actually here now? Rain rather than snow? :)


  4. What a fun day!

    I enjoy shooting guns too, always fun to see who can do the best on targets. (a bit of friendly family fun;) Looks like you all are having a good day. What a cute picture of Aimiaja getting to shoot also.

    I like the log pile pictures too.
    Looks like fun!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend I very much enjoyed getting to see some of your adventures.

  5. Looks like such fun!! I love fossil hunting and arrowhead hunting! Haven't been in forever! Much love to you, precious Rosie - and to everyone! Raquel XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxxooxO

  6. Great photos. I love our fossil pit. I found you on heritage's blog. Busy family I love the activities. B

  7. Looks like a great weekend Rosie! You take lovely pictures, then again you always have lovely subjects. :-)

  8. I really enjoy these photos. I hope spring warms up nicely.



  9. Lovely pictures. I had to do a double take as Sophie looks just like her sister Aslaug Abigail.

  10. How lovely to come by for an update to your blog! Happy Spring!

  11. That was delightful Rosie! Thank you for the peep into your days. We are loving the warmer weather here!


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