...with friends.
Matt, Andrew and Josh came to visit for a couple days.
We had a great time, but sadly didn't get too many photos :(
We do have some though, and here they are....
We went to a nearby nature center for a walk.

A martin house.

It has been so warm the past few days here.

Over the bridge.


A pond full of geese.

A lonely heron.

Josh, Chubb, Julia and Sophia, all in blurry motion.

This was so neat.
There was a path lined with trees, and in front of each one was this post and underneath is the answer to the question.
We had a lot of fun guessing the answers, before looking.

Josh, Andrew and Stan Lee.

The gang, walking ahead of me.

Interesting information.

Our angel.


Stan Lee and Josh just had to have wrestling match.

“You seem a decent fellow, I'd hate to kill you. ".......

......"You seem a decent fellow, I'd hate to die.”

"My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”

~The Princess Bride~

Ready, set,......


It looks like Josh is winning...

....but only for a minute....

...then Josh gets a head lock...

....the sad news is that Julia failed to get the victory shot,
of Stan Lee making a valiant comeback, and winning the match!

I'll tell her to be sure that she doesn't miss it next time :).


  1. Such fun! I want to know more about using earthworms in boxes to make good soil. It's so interesting!

  2. What a good time!

    I love that nature walk you took....

  3. Looks like a great time for everyone. It has been warm here too, but right now we are having a wee thunderstorm! Much love to everyone! XOXoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Thanks for sharing, Rosie,
    these are great pictures!

    I love the wrestling match pictures, those are *so* funny! Almost like beeing there :o)
    Oh, I do wish I could be!

    Love and miss you!

    ~ Sophie


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