~Of Sewing and Thanksgiving....

Wow, this has been a rather long blogging break!
Things have been busy here on the farm, with the holidays, school, and keeping up with the cold weather.

Julia has been sewing up a storm, and here are some of the results, jumpers for the little ladies.
I am so impressed by the lovely job that she did, so cute!

November has turned out to be rather gray, with lots of rain and hardly any snow, which is strange for Wesleytown!

We are settling down and enjoying the days in front of the wood stove, reading , drinking hot tea, playing games and homeschooling.

Homemade cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven.

I thought I would share here some good quotes that I just recently found...

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"
Victor Hugo

~ "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley (Music at Night and Other Essays) 
"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"You can't measure the mutual affection of two human beings by the number of words they exchange."

Milan Kundera 

Julia reading in front of the wood stove.


" In every thing give thanks"

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving day with dear friends.
There was lots of good food, visiting, and laughter.
The bad part of having so much fun is that we forgot to take the camera out until near the end !
We did manage to get a few photos though, and here are some of them...

Paul, Joe, and Josh.

Sisters forever!

James and Abbie.

Abbie, again.

Best buds, Joe and Paul.

Joe and Ben.

Me and my little buddie.



....and I leave you with Stan Lee The Fearless!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Rosie, to you and your family. Julia's sewing is wonderful; the girls look so cute! I so rarely make time to sew for myself, that when I do I tend to "assembly line" and produce several similar things at one go.

    It appears that Joe is quite a likable chap. ;o) Abbie and James look so very happy. And I always love shots of you and Julia together. Sisterhood is precious!

    I'm tucking your music quotes away for my journal. Love them! I keep meaning to mention to you that there is compilation of music from Jane Austen movies called Jane Austen's World. Thought it might be something you ladies were interested in (if you don't have it already).

  2. What delightful Thanksgiving photos - it is always so much fun to share these days with family and friends!

    Julia did a great job with her sewing for those little girlies...very cute.

  3. So glad you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! :)
    You know, I think Aimiaja (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong...I kept trying to spell it right but each way I try looks wrong to me) looks a lot like Julia! :)

    Have an absolutely wonderful week ahead! :)

  4. Oh, the dresses are so lovely. There is nothing like little girls in cute dresses.
    We have had cold, wet weather here in Toronto, too. It is perfect weather for crocheting a blanket. I have been working on a baby blanket for another grandson, who should arrive in three months.
    Enjoy your cozy home and family.

  5. Such precious photos! Love the jumpers, Julia is so talented! I really like the picture of Abbie and James. Such love in their eyes. Looks like everyone had a good time on Thanksgiving. I was in such a flap that I forgot my camera. Weather here has been just great for me, down in the 40's, but sunny. I would like some snow, tho! Much love to everyone - Raquel XOxoxoxooxoxXOoxoxoxoxo

  6. I am from Australia and our winters are not cold like yours. I am wondering how you cope with the cold weather? Do you have to stay indoors all the time? If you do how do you keep occupied without driving each other crazy??
    Warmly, Naomi

  7. It's lovely to read another update from you. Glad you're enjoying this season!

  8. Hi,
    Found your blog through Domestic Felicity...

    I am very interested in learning more about your Regency dresses. Like: What pattern did you use for the dress like the one Anne Hathaway is wearing? What pattern for the "cottage brown linen" dress? Where does the brown linen fasten? and more... please email me.

    Thank you,
    (I hope this isn't a double post of a sort. I tried a few minutes ago but got some sort of error message.)


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