"The clock was still saying......

.......five minutes to eleven when Pooh and Piglet set out on their way half an hour later. 
The wind had dropped, and the snow, tired of rushing round in circles trying to catch itself up, now fluttered gently down until it found a place on which to rest, 
and sometimes the place was Pooh's nose and sometimes it wasn't, and in a little while Piglet was wearing a white muffler round his neck and feeling more 
snowy behind the ears than he had ever felt before."

The House At Pooh Corner.

These fall days are getting busier, as well as colder.
I'm glad that some more of my books are in from the library, and I am looking forward to settling down by the woodstove with a big mug of hot tea and reading through them.

More sewing projects under way......

Cookie baking.

Good books to read.


Herbs for cooking.

Right now there is a chicken boiling away in the stock pot, with garlic, onion, salt, pepper, parsley and such, and the smells spreading through the house are so wonderful! 
Nothing like chicken and noodles for dinner on a cold night......

Aimaija washing out some clothes by hand......

......... "just the way Laura Ingalls did it".


  1. I hope you and your family enjoy *each* of your fall days!

  2. Love the pictures of Aimaija. so sweet. I think we are having chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes tonight, although it got up in the 70s today. Much love to everyone - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoXO

  3. Enjoy your beautiful day Rosie! :)


  4. Lovely pictures Rosie! So warm and homey and comfortable. I too love books and just added several to my bookshelf this weekend. I can't wait to find a cozy spot to snuggle into and read away. I will have chicken noodle soup on shortly for tomorrow's dinner. Unfortunately I am not able to stay home with my children, so into the crock pot it goes. Have a wonderful day!

  5. We, too, are starting to get things in place and lined up for winter business. Lots of reading and creativity at our house.


  6. It is cold and crisp here in Toronto. I have books and crochet projects by my side. Winter is on the way, for sure.

    Aimaija looks so cute. I love her hair.

  7. We have no snow yet, but our days have been chilly and blustery. We have been making bread, cookies, sewing, knitting....all the things that are lovely to do at this time of year...

  8. It is heading into summer here in Australia and the days are longer and warmer. We are thinking of strawberries and ice-cream, salads and iced tea.

  9. Hi Rosie,
    Always enjoy your posts so much.
    I just finished reading the book...
    " A Tree for Peter" by Kate Seredy.
    Have you all ever read that one?
    It's wonderful!!! I love her writing after you had mentioned a book by her..."The Good Master".

    Wishing you a blessed autumn day...stay warm.

  10. Nothing like Milne and cozy days.


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