~The Wedding Day.....

At last, the day that they had waited so long for.
The sun was shining and it was so lovely out.


With over 500 pictures, it was hard to pick out the ones to post, I gave it my best shot though:)

~Before The Wedding~

In the barn.


My sweet, lovely Grammie, with Nicholai, and Wesley.


"The Apple Cider Gang"

Doing hair before the ceremony.


I take a turn.

Heading up the hill.



Wesley, Claire, Josie, and Maggie.

Friend Kenton, Chubb, and Julia.

The Groom and The Gang.

Transportation for the grandparents.

I think Chubb thinks he is Ben Hur!

Aunt Bonnie, with her littles.

Mr. Moon.


Aaron, Jasmine and two, of their three children.

Mor Mor.

All Abbie's family wore their traditional Norwegian costumes, it was so nice.

Some of the small folk.

Abbie's father,Tore, who preformed the ceremony.

The groom, waiting.


The lovely Maid of Honor.

Three generations.
Mother, daughter, and granddaughter.

The beautiful bride.

On her fathers arm.

From one side.

Then the other.


Off they go....

....to live happily ever after.

Picture time.


So happy.

With Tore and Anita, Abbie's parents.

And with Mom and Dad.

Brothers and sisters.

Maid of Honor and the bride.

The groom and his Best Man.

James with our grandmother.

And Abbie with hers.

All together.

The picture-taking audience.

What is so funny?

The keys are locked in the van, again!

How many guys does it take to unlock the van?

Heading to the barn for the reception.

Some of the fella's.

The Mafia.....

Dad and Wesley.


Big sister and little sister.

Out the window.

Beautiful cakes.

Delicious, too.

Abbie's grandmother.

Our dear friend, Sue.

The new couple.



Mr. Moon and Tore.


Claire and Anita.


The Virgina Reel.

"Left hand swing!"


Swinging 'round.

Going down...

....the line of dancers....

...coming back.

Beautiful ladies.....

The Music Man.


The other side.

Uncle Scott, who kindly did all the decorating ( and did such a lovely job!).

Stan Lee.

More art.


The couple leaving.









Aunt and niece.

Mother and daughter.

Everyone took so many pictures!

Our wonderful host and hostess.
Aaron and Jasmine.

Mother and daughter.
Kelly and Lilly.


Uncle Scott and Aunt Bonnie.

Me and Lilly, friends forever!

Ayden ( Aaron and Jazzy's sweet babe) and Sophia.

A great dad.

Claire's mama, Linda.


Art, again.
Katrina, cleaning up.

At the end of the day, at the fire


It was so wonderful.....thank-you to Anita, Uncle Scott, and Mama, for all the great pictures.

They are all works of art, truly.


  1. What beauty and joy! Thank you so much, Rosie, for inviting us to rejoice with Abbie and James, and with you all. We do! May God be with you, each one, as you soak in the memories of such a happy day--a culmination of much hope and planning and work and waiting. The pictures are lovely and seem to capture of bit of the happy autumnal gorgeousness of the event. Love to you dear people (and prayers!)from Minnesota.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! :)
    It looks like it was as gorgeous *there* as it was *here* for that Saturday of weddings! Abbie's dress was beautiful! You girls made that? Talented gals you are, truly!

    I loved all the pictures and would enjoy all 500..but alas, I would think that would take an awfully long time to post! ;)

    I hope the two of them were able to go on a lovely honeymoon! What a special day! xo

  3. awww!!! Im SO happy for them and yall!! I love the clothes!!! Very pretty!! And the wedding was VERY lovely!!!!!


  4. Oh..I think that has to be one of the Most Precious Weddings I have ever seen...Thank you for sharing there Blessed Union with us..
    Have a Blessed Day
    In Christ

  5. She's dancing barefoot! I love it! I have been checking every 10 minutes it seems (and dreamed last night that I was visiting you all, though none of you actually moved, you were all life sized photographs...), to see if the pictures were up, and they were worth waiting for, what a beautiful wedding.
    Thank-you for letting us all "take part" in James and Abby's day!

  6. Dear Rosie,

    Thank you for sharing the joys of this beautiful day!

    The simplicity of the ceremony was what has left me with a so much contentment in my heart.

    The importance of the love that your brother and your "new" sister has shown like a beautiful light bathing everyone around them with its beauty!

    Thank you again for inviting us along...

    May Our Lord's blessing be upon the new couple as they begin this new journey together.


  7. what a beautiful wedding..May they be happy all their lives..
    Thanks for showing us the pics..

  8. I am so thankful to you for posting so many beautiful photos. I have said so many prayers for the happy couple, during their long wait to be together, all Saturday when the wedding took place, and I will continue to pray for them. I really felt like I was there, through your photos. Everyone looked so nice, and the bride especially so. What a lovely, lovely gown! Thank you, again, Rosie. Yours, Rosemary

  9. Rosie,
    Wow...what a magical day. I could not wait to see the pictures...thank you for posting them. All you ladies looked just beautiful and the men so handsome.
    Now, back to look at the pictures again...how fun!!
    Blessings to you,

  10. Oh, Rosie, what a wonderful wedding! Two loving families supporting the promise of a lifetime, beautiful bride in a beautiful gown, lots of smiles and hugs all bathed in glorious sunshine. Thank you for sharing such a precious day.

  11. How beautiful it was. I love the simplicity that allowed the focus to be on James and Abbie and their becoming husband and wife and on truly celebrating the start of a new family!

    Everything looked lovely - Especially the bride's gown...so beautiful!

  12. Dear Rosie,
    Thank You!! I have been checking back since Saturday afternoon! Personally, I really wanted you to Skype the event! LOL I am so glad that you had a beautiful day. May God's blessings be with them for ever!
    Ruth from down south in PA

  13. I'm sorry to post again, but I wanted to also mention how beautiful Abby's gown was. You did a wonderful job!

  14. Wow, everything was so perfect! Looks like a beautiful day. I was praying that the weather would hold and be nice. The dress is gorgeous, but no prettier than the one in it, in my opinion. The joy that shines on everyone's face is so precious. Hope the package is there today! Much love to everyone - Raquel XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxO

  15. Beautiful! just beautiful. thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day with us. Congratulations to James and Abbie.

  16. Oh, what a beautiful day, beautiful bride, beautiful gown, and I could just go on, and on. I have a particular fondness for fall weddings; my husband and I just celebrated our anniversary this last weekend. All the beautiful fall leaves, apples and cider, it brings back such fond memories. The love of all of you shines so visibly, and the simplicity and love of home is achingly lovely.
    Best wishes to Abbie and James as they begin the rest of forever, together,


  17. What a beautiful glory filled day. Everything was just beautiful. I am so happy for the happy couple. I have been following along on Abby's blog and yours and it was like someone very near and dear was getting married. The one thing that stood out to me in all the pictures were the clean pretty faces of all the girls/women. It shows that beauty comes from within not from what can be put on.
    I love your blog and all your family. I may not know you in person but I know you as a sister in Gods love.


  18. Rosie,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely day. Everything was beautiful and so much joy on all the faces!



  19. Thanks for posting all the pictures!!! I'm so glad Kelly H. made it!! she was telling me about it a few weeks ago.

  20. I just want to add to all you lovely comments, to say the same things! :)
    You have such a beautiful family! The countryside is stunning, a beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding. I can't resist a wedding! :D

  21. Hiya Rosie. What a lovely wedding. I just love everything about it. You put my favorite photo first! :-) Lovely work on all the dresses -- gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The decorating, too...could not have been more perfect. Well, I know that none of these are the *most* important things, but we trust that all is well with the bride and groom, too. :-)

  22. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks so much for sharing this event with us.

  23. Goodness how lovely!

    It's so upsetting when the keys get locked in the van. . .

  24. What lovely pictures, all of them, and what a delight to be able to enjoy the moments with you a little. Thank you so much for taking the time to post!

  25. What a precious wedding, so heartfelt and lovely in its simplicity...
    You have inspired me once again, thank you for sharing this with us & God bless the union of the newlyweds!


  26. I have just discovered your blog (I have been following your Mama's blog, and Abbie's more recently). It's SO lovely to see pictures from the long-awaited wedding. What a wonderful day you all had - memories to be cherished forever. Thank you for sharing.


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