Of out of doors, visiting, and apple sauce....

So, fall is finally here, and the weather is growing colder.

"Nature grows, just like a picture, Kindo' faded, worn, and old, When along comes Autumn trailin' Skirts of purple, red, and gold..." 
~Maude Huston Dunn~

No color here though, I think that snow is not too far off from Wesleytown....

A friendly chicken.

Wood that Nicholai and Chubb cut and stacked, ready for the cold.

The play house is coming along.

I'm so impressed, by the great job the the boys are doing!
They have been working steadily on it every day.

Making fried apples 'n' onions for dinner, an Autumn must...

....makes me think of Farmer Boy.

There is nothing like clean sheets on a cozy bed, at the end of a long day.
::A Visit With Friends::

Sunday we went to visit dear friends, and make (and can) apple sauce.

Driving along.

My little buddy.

Inventing a new hair style.


Apple picking.



Lots of apples.


Julia making applesauce.

After the gals had made 20-some quarts, the guys took over...

....and we were so impressed by the job they did....

Paul, Mrs. B, Joseph, and Andrew in the back...

...Andrew and Josh...

....Joseph and Chris.


Josh, Paul, and Joseph.

Matt and Joseph.
In the end the guys did the same amount that we gals did!

It tastes good, it looks good, it is good.

Mama's art.

How many people does it take to check on dinner?

Celeisa and Aimaija.


After dinner the littles (all tired out) all sat down, to watch a show of Little House On The Prairie.

Caleb and Nicholai.


Ben again.



We had such a fun day, canning, visiting, arm-wrestling (for the guys), eating , and playing games.



  1. I love that you girls sit and stand the same way. Cute photos!

    We just had our first jar of this year's applesauce with supper two nights ago, and we enjoyed it immensely!

  2. Looks like a fabulous day!! I love homemade applesauce. We have an orchard that is about an hour's drive - think I might head down there Friday and get some apples. Much love to all - Raquel XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxO

  3. busy and quite productive day you all enjoyed. :o) today i'll be adding to my applesauce trove, with a final tally of 35 pints altogether:

    * unsweetened
    * vanilla bean
    * chunky
    * spiced

    Mmmmm. the vanilla bean infused sauce is especially delish.


  4. Dear Rosie,

    How blessed it must have been to be surrounded by Our Father's beautiful bounty!

    Apples are a favorite here in PA, and we will be getting our bushels next weekend.

    Apple sauce, apple jelly, and frozen apples are on the list.

    Your family looks so beautiful and happy to be together.

    Thank you for sharing your weekend.

    May Our Lord continue to bestow blessings upon you and your family,


  5. Looks like you all had fun and productive day with friends. What can be better? I know this is an odd question but how do you pronouce Aimaija's name? I have tried to figure it out and it looks so pretty (just like her) I would love to know.

  6. Hi Rosie,
    That applesauce looks yummy!! Oh my that play house is amazing...I love it.
    I was also wondering the same about how to pronounce Aimaija's name. I keep trying to figure it out. Also, I was thinking the same thing about the names....do some of your brothers have nicknames?
    Wishing you a blessed evening,

  7. What a delightful "fallsy" post.

    I especially like how the whole family enjoys working together.

  8. Hi Rosie! :)

    I hope you got my comment yesterday..it isn't here! Maybe it didn't come through?

    I loved your day and all the applesauce looks delicious! I hope you are having a lovely week and a great weekend ahead!

    :) Katy

  9. Hello all,
    Thank-you for all your sweet comments.
    We did have such a great day, on Sunday, and so much fun too.

    Concerning Chubb ( Stan Lee) ,which I have had some questions about. Yes, Stan Lee is Chubb :), it is a nickname that goes way back, lol.

    Blogger has been really messing up with comments lately, deleting, publishing, and so forth. So I may very well have lost some comments....feel free to write again, as, I repeat, it is so great to hear form you all .
    ~ Rosie


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