A Wrap Blouse.

Remember my sewing project the other day?

Well, I was taking apart a peasant blouse, that I had begun to sew a while back.

And I sewed this.....

Although I think with warm weather on it's way out, and cool weather on it's way in, I'll have to wait to wear it ( unless with a sweater ), 'til next spring/summer.

Oh, well....


  1. Rosie, that is really cute! You are so talented. Couldn't you wear it with a thin turtleneck underneath? Or even just a plain long sleeved shell? Great job! Much love - Raquel XOxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. This is beautiful. Did you have a pattern for it? If so I would like the number. I purchased a skirt pattern that I saw on your Mom's blog, and have made it several times. Thanks!

  3. That is really cute, Rosie. You are very handy with the kneedle and thread! :)

  4. Hi Raquel,
    Yes, I suppose I could, but the arm holes are rather fitted ( I don't like my sleeveless stuff to gape at all). And so it might then be to tight. I will give it a try though!

    I didn't use a pattern, but if I ever get around to drafting one out, I'll be sure to let you know...and that's great about sewing the skirt.

    Mrs. Rabe,


  5. That is so pretty! My dd made one like that a while back. I don't know if she ever posted it on the blog or her blog I will have to see. Which pattern did you use? My dd just was able to draft her own pattern.

  6. That is absolutely lovely. So far, my luck with wrapped bodices is poor. You inspire me so I may just have to try again!


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