Through our day, and some questions answered....

Cathy asked :

**I was wondering since so many are interested in your family,
would you mind sharing a typical day for you all?**
Although no day is the same in our home, we do have a basic routine that we try to follow. 
So, here is our day, yesterday....

Fall colors.
This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it
~Psalm 118:24~

It was chilly, so we started a fire in the wood stove.
Breakfast: 7:30, everyone is up and dressed, ready for the day.


We usually have oatmeal or granola on week days and then pancakes and eggs, or sausage, eggs, and toast/muffins on the weekends.

After breakfast everyone has chores.

Washing the breakfast dishes.

The boys head out to feed the animals.

The happy chickens.

We gals clean up and hang out the laundry.

Napkins, hanging on the drying rack.

We washed the oil lamp globes and they looked so pretty, all sparkling.

We made another big batch of maple/pecan granola.


Mama's desk.
After it's school time for all the littles and Chubb.

More good books to read.

Around the table.




I worked on a new dress for Sophia.

Pictures to come, I promise!

Claire was so sweet and came by to drop of the gift of a basket, filled with the makings of this, one of our all time favorite things to eat.
~ ~Lunchtime~


Everyone headed outside to play.
Chubb and Nicholai have been working on a playhouse they are building.


In the afternoon we make a big pot of tea and someone whips up a cake or cookies to go with it.

We pull out some good books and curl up on the couches and chairs to read and sip tea.

Everyone spent the afternoon working, playing in dolls houses, reading, drawing, or working on whatever is the latest project.

Around 5:00 we start getting ready for Dad to come home and we begin to get dinner ready.

Tonight we made pasta, with a sauce that involved lots of fresh herbs, garlic, pepper, butter, chicken broth and lots of other good stuff.

With fresh bread and a green salad, this is a delicious meal.


After dinner we clean up, wash dishes and then read, talk, or if it's nice out go for a walk or something.

The little are all in bed by 8:00-8:30 and then we older ones ( and Mom and Dad), might watch a movie or just read until we head to bed.

Some good films we recently watched were: 

About a woman who goes to live/work on a ranch in Wyoming.

Food, Inc.
( don't eat while watching!) 

About our nations food industry. It's very interesting.
Wesley (after watching it) said, "It makes you want to go out and raise all your own meat and grow all your own produce".

P.s We did make that Baked Brie, and it was every bit as good as we thought it would be :)



Although I try to answer questions as they come ( in the comment section ), it seems that there are some that I overlooked, by mistake.
So, I thought that I would just answer them here.

Random sketching.

Katy said...

**I am curious if you have been drawing much lately. I have seen some of your art in your mama's posts from previous times**

Pages from my journal.

The answer is yes, I do draw, but not a whole lot- definitely not as much as I used to.

I do a lot of costume design sketching though ...

Cathy said....

** Do you ever wear your hair down?**

Yes, sometimes, but I prefer to wear it up- I like how it looks and it keeps it out of the way :)


**Do you all use the oil lamps just to enjoy or for saving electricity? **

Honeypot glow lamps.

Well, we do like to save electricity, and the oil lamps do work well when the power goes out during storms :)

But we find that oil lamps and candles add a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to our home 

(which is why we like to play relaxing instrumental music in our home as well), and so we make a point of using them quite often.
Thanks so much for all your kind comments and notes, it is so wonderful to hear from each and everyone of you, we all so enjoy it.

Please let me know if anyone had an un-answered question that I missed, so no one is left out.


  1. Your drawings are sweet and adorable. I just love the ones of the mice you draw! :) Those are my favorite! Thank you for answering my question. That was nice of you! :)

    I love the honeypot glow lamps!!! I saw the west girls make them on one of their videos and am collecting beeswax (from a man who raises bees on my inlaws property) so I can make some! I think they are just fantastic little items!

    And oh...I have heard about that movie...Food, Inc...but I don't think I can watch just may make me sick! My inlaws own a fresh meat I am quite happy to be able to know where my meat comes from and that it is fresh and humanely done! :)

    People, quite often, ask me about my days as well, on my blog. I just see them as normal days...doing normal things...and although I enjoy my life, I don't know what I could tell people that is all that overly exciting about my day to day routine..know what I mean?

    Well, look at me..writing on so. So sorry! :) I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful weekend! Warm wishes to each of you!

    Katy :)

  2. Dearest Rosie,
    ~~ thank you so much ~~ You are so kind to answer my questions. I just love reading how others spend their days.

    You are such a dear and your blog is so calming to read.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    Blessings to you,

  3. I enjoyed peeking into your day! Thank you!

  4. Rosie,

    Such a lovely post, just like reading one from your dear Mother.

    We have seen Food, Inc...very eye opening.

    We have made those glow pots and just love them!

  5. Rosie: Looks like a wonderful day, full of love and life. We are off to Springfield, MO to go shopping today. Fun! Much love - Raquel XO

  6. Dear Rosie,

    I love this post! And what sweet from Claire. I like to see the movies you talk about. Today I clean the boys rooms, and make the house cosy and warm white candels and a lot of Joy. My heart is smiling when I read your post.

    Thank You!
    Eveline! :)

  7. Dear Rosie I have come to you through Katy at The Country Blossom and was very excited to see your blog. It put me to tear. I love seeing your day.Everyones day is so full of pleasures and what they see as important because it comes from the heart. You have a lovely family and take beautiful pictures as well as your art work. Keep it up. Please.

    Blessings Marlyn

  8. Hello, once again! :)

    I was curious, and please forgive me if I am being nosey, how your homeschooling days go. I educate my children at home, as well. I use an anabaptist curriculum, as it is absolutely wonderful and wholesome. However, I know your mama doesn't use curriculum and I would love to hear about your schooling style. It interests me, so much, to hear how others educate.
    I know you all have made readers and such, which is such a great idea. But I was wondering how you know you aren't missing teaching something each year. It's almost like I *need* a guide to instruct me....but I feel as though if I could get my creative juices flowing, we could have more *fun* learning.

    I know you are all quite busy, as I am as well...but I was just curious to know if maybe, sometime, you would want to write up a post about your schooling experience? Maybe things you found really helpful as you learned?
    If not, that is OK too....I am just always looking how to improve!

    :) Smiles,


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