Still Sewing...

.....a new dress.

When I traveled to Norway last January, I lost my suitcase (and never got it back).

In it was this dress.
It was my favorite dress.

The Red Dress.

So I made new one.

The Purple Dress.

And I love it.
It might be my new favorite dress.


  1. YOu inspire me to dig out some fabric I've been saving for a special dress. Your clothing is always so pretty.

  2. It's just beautiful! :)
    You know...I always wonder where those "forever lost" bags go?

  3. I knew you lost your luggage - I didn't know you never got it back!

    Can't wait to see photos of the new one!

  4. I love the color. It's beautiful.

  5. Rosie,
    That dress is gorgeous!!! You did a beautiful job making it. I also love your hair in the pictures.
    Have a blessed day,

  6. It's lovely! How awful to loose your suitcase! Glad you could remake and have a new favorite : )

  7. That is absolutely lovely! What pattern did you use?



  8. Your new dress is lovely..I am sure it must have been a great disapointment to loose your suitcase..but loose your Favorite dress on top of that...I woul imagine was terrible...But Praise the Lord He gifted you with another through the blessing of being able to sew it..

  9. It suits you perfectly ~ very lovely.

    Wouldn't it be nice if your pretty red dress is being lovingly worn and its skillful stitching appreciated by some sweet lady blessed to buy it at an "unclaimed baggage" sale? Indeed, I'm sure this must be so.

  10. Simply beautiful, Rosie! Such talent you have! Much love - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. What a lovely dress! I can only hope to one day be as talented.


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