Meet Frederick.......

Yesterday being wet, rainy and overall a cloudy, drippy day.....

...I spent it reading, drinking tea and sewing.

Everyone in our family loves Brambly Hedge, and I was so pleased when this book arrived from the library.

A lovely site for Brambly Hedge enthusiasts.....

I just had to try out one of the patterns.

With all this bad weather, a coat is a must
( and what better color then red, to match his overalls ?).

Now he needs a wife, and some littles, to go with him...:)


  1. He is so handsome. ; ) I'd love to make some of those!


  2. I love Frederick's pants! Truly, he is adorable. Rainy days are good creative days.
    Hugs, Rosemary

  3. Oh, the pictures in Brambly Hedge are just delightful, aren't they? As are the Melendy books I recognized on your table; we listen to them by the hour. I love your Frederick!

  4. Hello Olivia,
    I too love the drawings ( and stories ) in Brambly Hedge.

    As for the Melendy books,I just started reading them (I love Elizabeth Enright, but had never heard of the Melendys before ) and they are SO good. They remind me of the Arthur Ransome or Edith Nesbit books.....


  5. Awwww . . . how sweet! I spent the day making a fleece blanket for my niece, our weather here was beautiful - if a trifle warm for me. The blanket is plain black on one side, and black background with brightly colored flowers and butterflies on the other. Much love - Raquel XOxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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