Homestead Life.....

Pumpkins from the garden, ready to be made into pumpkin pie.

Inspiring books.

Library basket.

Cookbook and knitting/crafting books cupboard.

Fall flowers, apples and pumpkins.

Our butterfly spun it's chrysalis !

Homemade maple granola.

::Sunday Afternoon::

Sunday dinner.

Chicken pot pie.

Apple crisp for dessert...

Nicholai goes squirrel hunting.

Joseph at the computer ( where yours truly is at, this very minute).

Best buds.

James reading.

Chubb and Nicholai reading.


Acting silly.


Fall is here and all the leaves are changing color.


Wearing a sweater or shawl , this is perfect weather for going for long walks in the woods and fields.


Our magnificent comfrey plant.

The last of the flowers.

A fairy realm.


Celeisa and Aimaija.

Down at the creek.

Picking apples.


One of our new roosters, that never fails to wake us up, early in the morning....

Saturday, Dad and Chubb spent the day cutting trees down and hauling them out of the woods.

We want to be sure to be warm this winter!


  1. Rosie, do your leaves seem to be changing earlier this year? In PA it seems some trees are going from green to brown in a matter of a few days. Maybe it was because the summer was so dry. They sure are beautiful, though!!

  2. What wonderful pictures, I can feel the coziness!
    I'll be back with paper to jot down book titles from your photos. Our library is so disorganized, I almost never go without being armed with a list, and blogs have been my best resource.
    Have a beautiful day Rosie and Family!

  3. What a beautiful post! Every picture was such a delight. Thank you so much!

  4. Autumn peace and contentment. Love, love, love every bit of it! Looks like you all have been busy enjoying life. We still have quite warm temperatures here, in the 80's most every day. I am looking forward to sweater weather. Much love to all - XOxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Raquel

  5. This time of year is my favorite...I long to be outdoors most of the time!

    Your photo of Julia being silly is such a pretty photo of her - she and Sophia really look alike...and really favor your dad!

    We love books here at our cottage and I love your photos of all of the readers!

  6. Beautiful photos! :)
    I just can't get over how much Chubb, Celeisa and Aimaija have grown and changed over the past couple years...and Nicholai too! I know that *does* seem to happen to children...the growing thing...but it's just so bittersweet seeing them change from itty bitty to young ladies and men.
    Always enjoy sharing in your life... :) I love the chicken pot pie too...such a great idea for the cut out leaves on top! :)

  7. This 'scrapbook page' of snapshots is just beautiful, Rosie. I can't help but comment that I believe our two families must have sprung from the same native planet!

    Down to the details, it looks like home. There's a 'foretaste of heaven' element, maybe. Not perfect of course, but an echo: safe and *real* and peaceful and full and busy and restful all at once. And the spirit of Jesus overall.

    Then there are those sweet faces. I loved the pictures of everybody. Your blog ministers and inspires, dear sister. Thank you for taking the time to bring us in. It's like virtual hospitality, in a way, isn't it?

    Melissa J.

  8. Oh Rosie, I just LOVE all the pictures.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I was wondering since so many are interested in your family, would you mind sharing a typical day for you all?

    I just love your family and always smile when I read your posts.

  9. Rosie, could you please share the recipe for your pot pie? It looks so good!

  10. How lovely! Your pictures feel like home.




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