Forest Maiden Dress.

I so love this dress, when I wear it I feel like Maid Marian, or a woodland princess.


I sewed it way back a long time ago.

I didn't like the fabric too much in the beginning and only used it because that was what I had on hand at the time, but in the end I think that the color was just perfect.


The inspiration comes from the A and E version of Lorna Doone.

The dress laces up the front and the bottom is open with a green underskirt beneath.

With it I'm wearing an oatmeal colored peasant blouse and my black cape.


  1. It looks wonderful! :)
    I love your imagination!

  2. Rosie, the dress is so nice! You look so feminine and pretty.


  3. beautiful! I'd love to see a close up picture of the bodice :) Looking through pictures on blogs and facebook today, I miss you guys so much!

  4. I'll see if I can post some more pictures for you Heidi- I do have more.
    Love and miss you too :)

  5. These are lovely pictures and such a pretty dress - I Love the Princess Bride. Growing up my girlfriends and I called each other Fair Maidens, we still do sometimes : )

  6. What a beautiful dress! The colors are so lovely together.

  7. This is so lovely!! I love the blue/green color!

  8. I aboslutely LOVE your peasant dress!! Beautiful!

    I have to ask you, though, How did you do your hair?!?! It is SO pretty!! I think I have done something similar, but mine never looks as soft and feminine like yours does! You look picturesque. :)

    I found your blog through Atlanta's blog.. she's a friend of mine... :)

    You can come stop by and visit our blog here:

    Have a wonderful day!

    Sisters in Christ, Sarah


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