Busy Days....

Last Saturday Mama, Julia, and I, headed over to Claire's Mum's house, to celebrate with Claire's sweet sis, Annie, and her husband, Drew, the gift of the little life that is growing in her womb.
Annie and Drew, live way across country, but are here in our neck of the woods for a nice long visit.

Julia, Claire, and our dear friend, Jasmine, visiting.

Claire's mum, Linda, my fellow shutter- bug.

Annie, opening gifts.
I love this picture of the two sisters.

Jasmine-made dessert. Umm...

Linda, has a big pear tree laden with pears, and she kindly gave us leave to pick as many as we liked.

Pear pickin' Josie.

Wesley, went to work too.

Wesley, and our friend Aaron with his son Cadence, picking pears.
The guys moved the picnic table over, so as to be able to reach the higher branches.

Georgie, chowing down ( I think that he looks like a little puppy here ).

~ Baby sitting at Wesley and Claire's~

While Wesley and Claire went out to dinner with Annie and Drew, Sophia and I, went over to watch the wee ones.
Above, is a picture of Wesley and Claire's home.
The boys and Wesley, have been working hard putting a new roof and siding on their ( Wesley and Claire's) home.
It is looking so nice.

Time to start dinner.

Each of the girls made their own little pizza.

Josie, spreading sauce.


Ready to eat, hot from the oven.

Claire's sauerkraut on the fridge.


~Home on the Farm~

Making Mia's scones for afternoon tea.

"Can she bake a cherry pie?"

Crock-pot dinner:
Chicken with lots of onions, fresh herbs, and butter.

A helpful little worker.

A favorite book being re-read.
And below, is the hat of "intrepid explorer", home from a ramble in the woods.

End of the day.
The warm glow of oil lamps and the smell of homemade muffins.


  1. Beautiful post...I enjoyed each word and picture!

    Wesley and Claire's home looks just wonderful!!! :) It is such a blessing for you all to have all the boys in the family to help! :)

  2. Your blog feels like home! Thanks for giving me a nice break to a busy day!

  3. Ahh Rosie,
    I just love coming to your blog and reading your lovely words. Just perfect and so relaxing.
    Blessings to you,

  4. Rosie,
    I just visited your blog for the first time and am absolutely enchanted by it. Your posts are all so beautiful! I especially love looking at all your lovely historical dresses!
    You may know me as "Elinor Dashwood" for "The Dashwood Sisters Blog"/"Hooks and Needles", but I am commenting on my other account by my real name. :-)
    ~Melanie/"Elinor Dashwood"

  5. Simply lovely! Looks like a good time being had by all. I do love fresh pears, so does Georgie by the look of things. It is so refreshing to come by and "visit" with you. Much love - Raquel XO

  6. Oh Rosie! How did I miss that you had your own blog? I just found you by clicking on your profile on a comment on Mia's blog. It's just lovely here--a place of beauty and peace and inspiration! Thank you for taking time to share these glimpses of your days. Grace and peace to you!

  7. Oh, Rosie, I am thrilled to find that you have a blog! It is so lovely. I look forward so much to soaking in the beauty of your posts. ~'::

  8. Rosie,

    What a lovely post! I felt like I was coming home to a place of peace which I dearly needed today. I tumbled off my bicycle yesterday and movement is difficult. Finding peace today is most cherished.

    Thank you so much.



  9. Thank you Rosie!
    This is my first look at your blog (I know your mother's), and it fills me with so much delight. I never knew there were such kindred souls in the world. Every quote on the sidebar thrilled me, and I love reading 'Swallows and Amazons'--especially up in my favorite tree. I so look forward to perusing your archives!


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