~A Visit From The Farm.......

Early morning pictures on the farm.


We had such a lovely visit with my sweet Grandma and wonderful Grandpa ( they left to go home this morning).

We have taken so many pictures and we have had so many memories made and shared.
As Mama has posted most of the pictures taken, over on her blog, I will simply post some of my favorites here, along with some new pictures too.

We have had a long week of rainy days.
And Fall-ish type weather.

Julia's kitty finds a cozy spot.

Chairs, gathered around the wood stove,  that we have had burning the past few days.

A bit of sun, shining through the clouds.

The littles, playing in their dolls houses.

The view from my window.

We have been reading a lot.....


...Grandma, reading to Aimaija....

....reading to all of the girls. ....
(I love this picture)

....and reading....

.....and playing the piano.

Julia's art.


Listening to good music....

...and visiting.


(Grandpa was talking with James here).

Inspirational reading.

Tea time.

Curled up on the couch with a good book.

Tip found a cozy spot.

Making chicken stock.

All done, and ready for the fridge ( and chicken soup later on ).

Lamplight and a wonderful meal.

I'll leave you with my favorite nephew, eating cornbread....

...doesn't he have cute hair ?


  1. Rosie: I love to see pics of your family! Georgie has the cutest hair! Our weather here has been quite fallish all week - much cooler, but with bright blue skies and sunshine. Makes my heart sing - I feared we would melt, what with over 100 degree temperatures for soooooooooo long. Must rush off to work - Much love Raquel XO

  2. Beautiful photos. I am so glad you all enjoyed such a wonderful visit with your grandparents! I know it's been a long while since you have seen them previous to this! :)

  3. This was a lovely post. Such a feeling of home which I needed greatly yesterday.

    thank you!




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