Sky Blue Regency Tunic.

As I promised, here is my latest sewing project.

I have had the fabric for some time now and had forgotten about it, only to remember it just in time to whip this up.

Isn't the blue lovely?

I think that it has a rather medieval/Middle Eastern look to it.

It has slits up the side.
With a bit of gathering in the back.

Straight out of Sherwood Forest...


  1. That is a great tunic! I like it. I have seen the one you are talking about on Robinhood, loved that one too in white!

  2. Popping in quickly...and so happy to see your latest sewing project! It is beautiful! :) Wonderful job on it! :)

    Katy :)

  3. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Oh, what a lovely sewing project you have here! It turned out quite beautiful! I did some pictures with a sword recently too - they were fun! (Here's a link )


  4. Amazing! Very beautiful. I have been watching the BBC series, but I am only on season 1 (we just have Netflix and I am so slow). Hope you have a great weekend! I posted today, come on over and check it out! Much love - Raquel XO

  5. I LOVE it!! It is SO cute! I think I wanna make me one!!:)

    I LOVE the one Maid Marian wears!!


  6. I must send my oldest daughter to your blog...she and you might be kindred spirits in some ways...

  7. Wow, great job! What a lovely tunic!


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