Ready For Cold Days......


I know, seems a bit funny to be knitting a shawl, in August, for the fall.
Oh well, in Wesleytown fall is always just around the corner, :)
I ran out of the purple wool, and had to finish with the brown, but I still like the way it turned out.


This apple tree is so wonderful for reading in.


From the back....


  1. Yes, indeed, fall is right around the corner!! I am believeing that with all my heart - even if it is supposed to be 90+ degrees today! I love fall, it is my very favorite time of the year. your shawl is beautiful, I like the contrast with the purple and brown. Much love to you and yours - Give your Mom a big hug for me - OK? Much love - Raquel XO

  2. It looks like you planned to make it two tone! I love it!

    Thanks for the inspiration and taking the time to post!


  3. I am a knitter as well..and I think it turned out lovely...I think the brown you used gives it more character! :)


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