~Lovely White Gown~

A beautiful gown, gifted to me by Abbie.

I think that it looks like something from the Titanic.

It could be a wedding dress too.

It is made out of off-white cotton.

And I love how long it is too.
I just wish that I had more places to wear it :)

Maybe to Abbie's and James' wedding ?....
....I'm still thinking..

...but I'll let you know what I decide....


  1. Oh that is lovely! If I wasn't so accident prone, especially when wearing white..... ;-}
    That last picture reminds me of one from a Tasha Tudor book.

  2. Oh, haw pretty!!
    I could definitely get married in a dress like that!
    Through Christ,


  3. Just beautiful! All you need is a few flowers in your hair, some flowers to carry....and a groom! :)
    Who took the photos? Excellent work!

  4. I love it!!! IT is SOSOSOSOSO cute!!!! It would be a CUTE wedding dress!!


  5. Wearing it to James&Abbie's wedding? The bride approves =)
    It DOES look pretty on you, though!
    I'm happy it's yours!!

  6. Simply Beautiful, Rosie! Very stylish and so becoming. You will make a beautiful bride for a special someone someday. Much love - Raquel XO

  7. A delightful dress!
    The embroidery is exquisite :)

    Your friend,

  8. Thank-you all for your sweet comments, I do so love to hear from each one of you :)

    Ruth, the photos are Nicholai's art. And I agree with you !


  9. Lovely photos and a lovely dress...sigh...very pretty.

    Maybe you need to have a ball or a party so that you will have a place to wear the dress...


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