~Busy Days~

So, things have been rather busy here, with all the work in the garden, Tore and Anita visiting, some sightseeing and of course all that cooking and laundry that goes with living :)
After all your patient waiting, here is a post at last, and there are lots of pictures !

I finished my knitting project, and will have to post some pictures of that too, some time later.

~Out In The Garden~

We finally started harvesting our garlic!

This is only some of it.
We will have to pull the rest some other time.

Julia trimming the ends.

I'm cleaning it.

Queen of the garlic, with her wand.

Sweet little sister.

Ready to hang.


Some pictures from planting it last fall......

It seems so long ago.

Abbie was there to help.

Ready to plant.

Hard at work.


It is nice to have it all planted in the spring, not have to think about it, and it just grows away!

~At Home~

Letter writing.


~In The Kitchen~

Table set for dinner.

Julia making meatballs.

I start the pasta sauce by slicing zucchini, harvested from the garden.

Basil ( and salt ).

Onions, zucchini, garlic and fresh basil, mmm.

Browning sausage.

The sauce.

Tomatoes from the garden are the best in the world!

Sweet corn.

We are eating all the tomatoes we can, and sweet corn goes so well with them too.

A delicious tomato-onion-basil-salad.

A great yard sale find, a mug with a lid. Isn't that neat?


Down the road.

Anita and I went.

Our Amish neighbor's house.

His draft horses.

Lovely landscape.

Late night sewing.


~ A Trip To Town~

James kindly took Mom, Anita and Me, out to town and to this great restaurant for lunch.

We had so much fun!

There are always such neat things in the city.....

.....art too.

We stopped at this neat fabric shop.

Where they had some wonderful deals, that we just could not pass up.
Poor James, he didn't find it as exciting as we did.


And that is The End.


  1. I really want to try garlic, hopefully nest year. Our last 2 gardens have done really poorly, so I want to pick up a soil test kit at our county fair in a few weeks and figure out what we need to amend the soil.
    Love all the pictures; I can see at least 3 pieces of fabric I would have picked just glancing at the pile, what a deal!

  2. All that garlic looks great! You and your sister must be a big help to your mother. I know my girls are. The pictures of your town are so pretty~I love the statues. It is so nice to be able to buy fabric for one dollar. When I find great deals I usually make quilts with my daughters~we pick out all kinds of different prints. Thank you for such a wonderful post. God bless, Rose

  3. Lovely post, again. We are also enjoying tomatoes from our garden, after having none last year with the cool wet weather killing the vines. I am going to have to learn how to can, because we can't keep up with all of them. :-) Do you ever enter things into the county fair? We used to, but not recently. Looks like a relaxing trip to town, and an unusual cafe to enjoy. Oh, and give our best wishes to Abbie's family, who, I trust, enjoyed their stay and didn't get too hot! :-)

  4. Rosie - I tried commenting yesterday, but not sure if it came thru. I just love your pictures - trip to town sounds like such fun!! How about the recipe for the meatballs and expecially for the sauce??? Queen of Garlic - LOL.

    Much love - Raquel XO

    PS: I found a picture for your Mom - shhhh - don't tell her, I want it to be a surprise - also a few other odds and ends - will be sending a package soon.

    Much love - Raquel XO

  5. I am enjoying your blog...although, it may seem awfully annoying that I am leaving so many comments. I apologize if I am.

    I am so happy for you that your tomatoes are doing so well. Ours may have caught the blight (is that spelled correctly?). But we are blessed by how well our corn is doing and we are tremendously thankful for that! :)


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