~Summer Days~

It has been hot and muggy out, and we have been busy around the house enjoying the warm weather and trying to stay cool.
James comes home from his trip to Norway tonight, and we are all eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Flowers on the table.

A beautiful bouquet that Mama picked.

Around the farm.

Cutting the grass.

The old woodshed.

The new rope swing at the pond.

Beautiful basket.


At the nature center.

Water lily art.

~Glow Lamp Honey Pots~

We still have to put tea lights in them and light them tonight once it gets dark.

It was a lot fun making them and much easier then I thought it would be.

The finished pots.

Beeswax, that we bought from an Amish neighbor that raises bees.

Melting the wax on the stove.

The pressed flowers to put on the outside.

Balloons filled with water to dip into the wax.

Looking good.

Ready to press on the flowers, pop the balloons, and they are all finished.

Our friends the West's have a how- to video on the art of candle making, that you can purchase here. 


  1. I recently bought all of the West ladies' dvds, and loved watching the candle one! They make it look so easy. Yours turned out beautifully!:)

  2. My children have been dying to try this ever since we got the dvd, a year or two ago. I bought some lovely beeswax but we never have tried making the candles yet. Yours turned out lovely.

  3. We have all the West Ladies dvds!

    We have made these sweet glow pots! Love the way they look!


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