::Random Pictures From Our Days::

Around the house the other day.
Above is Aimaija and Celeisa's art-line, with a bunch of their drawings on it.

Breakfast table.
Set for Saturday morning pancakes, sausage and eggs .

Another of Mama's beautiful bouquets.

Walking in the woods...

.....in the fields.....

...and around the pond.

The littles's bunny, Buttercup.

Sketching pattern ideas.

Baking a big batch of gingerbread for a snack.

Fresh from the oven.

~ Last night ~

Dad's bonfire last night, out by the silo.

The greenhouse.

Evening view from our front porch.


  1. I love your blog so much. Sometimes it stuns me out a little that our family tastes are so similar. I was just thinking that, and then I saw your bunny. We have one, just the same, that came to our family this past week. It is uncanny sometimes. LOL. Well, keep blogging, I am so very happy that you are able to do it.

  2. Hello! I just found your lovely blog; I look forward to reading it!


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