Just a preview.....

.....of a Regency photo shoot that Julia and I did ( with the wee ones help ), a couple weeks ago. 

I'll be posting it soon.


  1. HI Rosie~your Regency dress is very pretty. Have you ever read how the Prince Regent asked Jane Austen to dedicate her novel to him? She was very frustrated with him. He was overspending~building a "castle" for himself at Lyme Regis. It is so fasinating! I am sure you have studied that period in history. I think he wanted Emma dedicated to him. God bless, Rose

  2. I enjoyed visiting your site..I found it to be very delightful and refreshing...if only more people sought after simplicity rather than material gain..I hope you will come and visit with me sometime.
    Lord's blessing upon you and your family.
    Pioneer Beauty

  3. This dress is just absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day I will be able to sew a dress like this one. I love dresses, but I only have two that I could wear whenever, the other one is a fancy one. You are really talented. :)


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