Ice cream and other summer fun.....

With all this hot weather ice cream is not an option- it's a must.
So, we headed out the other day to pick berries up by the pond, to put in our homemade ice cream.

Down the path.

Filling up the basket.

( the name for a picture you can't name , but like too much not to post :).


Nicholai and Aimaija.

Nicholai again.

We have so many blackberries, but still it's quite hard to stay ahead of the birds.

A good picker.

And a not -so- good picker :)

The start of something sweet and cold.

Smashing ice to put in the freezer.

Nicholai reading.....

.....while Aimaija turns, and Celeisa weighs the top down.

Summer time bare feet.

~Around The House~

A new smock Julia sewed for Aimaija.

The back porch.

Window stars.

Our goose.

Front porch, in the summer sun.

The view.

Julia in the garden.

My squash starting to grow.

The end of the day.


  1. Our blackberries are a month early this year, and I have been picking whenever I have a few spare moments. (I'd take the children, but there are to many old canes that will eat you alive if you aren't careful...)
    Ice cream sounds delicious right now!

  2. Oh, blackberry picking! In the hot summer sun, with the locusts singing you a droning melody, but they are so good when you get them home. I have to buy them now, Farmer's Market and one lady had work had some nice ones at a reasonable price. Lovin the pictures! Much love - Raquel XO


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