~From Wesleytown....

So, Abbie and Sophie's parents, Anita and Tore, have made their way to Wesleytown and we are enjoying another visit with them.
I don't have any pictures of them, just some from the other day around the house and more berry pickin' pictures.

We went to a book sale last Saturday and found some great old classics.
We also found the shelf that they are on at a yard sale, for the great deal of only a dollar!
On top of the books is my latest knitting project. It's made of wool, so I'm in no hurry to finish it 'till fall is here and cool weather.

Some more great old books.
A few from the library sale and some from yard sales.

A new cookbook that is so neat. It has only recipes that can be made from scratch.
And one of my favorite books that I love to pull out for drawing inspiration.

My little Anne Shirley sister.
She always has her hair in pig-tails, and is wearing my hat here. So cute.

More berry picking, up in the field.

The little ladies running on ahead.

Berry bushes.

Julia's art. It looks like an old photo doesn't it?

Laundry on the line.

All folded and ready to put away.

Produce from the garden. Beans and zucchini.

Pressed flower art.
The one on top Aimaija made me for Christmas.

We filled up the jars on the hutches yesterday, with the big bulk bags of oats out in the freezer.


  1. Does that mean Abbie got her visa?
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Hi Bonnie.
    No, sadly she has not yet.
    Just her parents are here visiting.

  3. Lovin' the pictures - especially little Anne Shirley!! Hope that y'all have a good time with Tore and Anita. Your glass canisters - my mom has the exact same ones!! She loves them. Have a good weekend. Much love - Raquel XO

  4. Hi Rosie~I really love the bolts of material~are you planning on sewing anything special? Are there herbs in the glass apothecary jars? I usually go out back and dry the herbs and make tea with them. It looks like you are doing the same thing! Very nice! Have a blessed day. Rose

  5. I have a question, and I wish to be respectful as possible. Regarding Abbie's visa: is it just normal waiting due to possible time already put on it in travel? I know she was employed as a nanny outside of her country and has travelled to your home before. Is this a matter of visa protocol - that she has to wait a bit? Just a little explanation could help many of us not fret or worry for her (not that in God's hands we should, but there is a sense of urgency and unease from her posts). Thank you kindly if you could shed some light. Many of us are praying for that to clear up but haven't been given any details as to why it's been held up.

    God bless you.

  6. Rosie, I am SO GLAD to have found your blog! I read your mom's religiously and was very dissapointed when she stopped blogging. I hope she will blog again soon. Your mom and you have both been a source of great encouragement to me. I am mom to 8 children and it is nice to read about a family who is like minded.I especially will love having my oldest daughter read your blog. She also loves your mom's blog and will be thrilled to hear I found yours!

  7. Hi Raquel,
    Yes, we are having a great time with them, we are just missing Abbie and her sis Sophie.
    It's always so nice to hear from you!
    Hi Rose,
    Yes, there are some herbs in the jars on the hutch. We dry ( a lot of ) our own herbs and teas, it's some nice to be able to harvest things from your own property, isn't it ?

    Regarding Abbie:
    No, her having traveled a lot has nothing to do with waiting for the visa. She is becoming a US citizen, and that just takes time.
    They ( Abbie and James ) have been waiting for awhile and she is ( of course ) eager to be here. Please keep them in prayer.

    I'm so glad that you found me, it's always nice to meet people that go to Mama's blog.



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