Reading outside under the apple tree this past spring.

"Dressing gracefully begins with developing inner beauty, which consists primarily of a gentle and quiet spirit.
A woman of noble character exudes natural beauty that cannot be captured by merely donning a fancy gown. Externally, she is dressed modestly and elegantly.

Historic fashions offer modern women a sense of romance and elegance. Ladies of the past wore lace-trimmed petticoats, fine fabrics, proper gloves and hats.
While one does not want to appear as if she is dressing for a costume party (nor do we want to break the bank), every lady can borrow some vintage elements to create a historical flair.

The Regency, Victorian and Edwardian periods in particular provide some beautiful ideas for making our own clothes, or choosing clothing that has timeless appeal.
And I do not know where this wonderful bit came from, as Julia found it on the web. But if anyone knows, please be sure to let me know.


  1. Hello dear Rosie!

    erasofelegance.com is the blog you are looking for.

    So glad you are blogging.


  2. Rosie: I believe that bit comes from the front page of Eras of Elegance, which I found thru your link. I am really enjoying your blog, your sweet spirit just shines through. Another place on the web you might like is Victorian Trading company. They have a really neat set of catalogues, which are free. On a different subject entirely, do you have the Robin Hood cookbook? If not, I would love to send you a copy. Please let me know. My e-mail is moodiesmum at yahoo dot com. Much love - Raquel XO

  3. Hi Raquel, thank-you for letting know where the link is from ( you too, Moey :).
    I'll have to check out Victorian Trading Co.
    And no, I do not have the Robin Hood cookbook and I would love to have a copy.That is so sweet of you to think of me.
    Oh, yes, thank-you for your lovely package we received it the other day! We had such a fun time opening it.
    Oxox, Rosie


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