~A Day In The Life Of Miss Rosie~

Welcome, to the world of Miss Rosie...

You arrive at Meadowbrook, the lovely cottage home of Miss Rosie, and her family.

The table set for a hearty country breakfast.

After breakfast, Rosie strolls down the lane...

To gather berries.

To be used for dyeing cloth.

Later that afternoon...

....she and her sister, Julia, head out to read where it is cool, under the trees in the orchard.


What are you reading?

Tea is informal event with the family, and is served in the afternoon.

Toward dinner time, Rosie, Celeisa, and Aimaija, go to the garden to pick green beans for the evening meal.

There are lettuce, garlic scapes, and green beans, in right now.
And, the new potatoes will be ready to start harvesting soon.

Green bean picking.

Hard at work.

Sweet little ladies.

Aimaija, eats more then she picks.

There is always mending to be done.

And, down by the stream is the coolest place.

The art of sewing.

The sun goes down, the oil lamps are lit, and the day is soon over at Meadowbrook farm.


  1. That is so sweet. Thank you for a little visit in your day. The dresses are so pretty.

  2. How lovely Miss Rosie!! I am sure you were using Wedgewood China like Jane? I see you were with your sister like Jane was always with Cassandra~how much fun!! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures and a fine story to go with it. God bless, Rose

  3. Simply beautiful, although I am sure there would have been time to walk over and visit with your friend over the way, Mrs. Raquel. LOL I would have invited you in for some fresh lemonade and returned the book I borrowed last week. Great pics! Much love - Raquel XO

  4. With pics from three countries =) well done! And Julia's dress (and Julia too)is SO pretty, I mean pretty enough to be a wedding dress =) and tell me more about dying fabric with berries when I come over, will you? And while you're at it, you can help me make a pretty apron like the one you're wearing when you're hard at work.. I MISS you dearest sister! I'm coming soon =)

  5. This is lovely- and how I long to spend my days! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  6. I have made several dresses out of the pattern you used for Aimaija's dress...it is a dream to use!

    This is a delightful post - such lovely sisters...


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