At home, haying and a trip to The Falls....

The front porch. 
A favorite place to sit and talk, read, play or watch the sun go down.

Little tomatoes growing away.

A stack of good books from the library.

Another Edith Wharton book.

Well used wellies.


Julia playing the piano.

Nicholai reading.

Nicholai found these neat birds nests.

~:In the hay fields:~

You know that summer is truly here, when you start cutting hay.

The hay wagon.

Ready to throw in the truck.

The tractor cutting.

James stacking hay in the truck.

Hard at work.

In the barn.

~At The Falls~


Walking around.

Julia, Chubb, and Celeisa, ( who somehow manged to leave her shoes behind! ).

Looking down below.

And across.

Down the path.

The Falls again.



Medieval stairs ( Narnia style perhaps ).


  1. Dear Rosie:
    You have such a way with pictures! Love the pictures of the falls, looks so cool and peaceful. As for the haying, I remember helping with haying when I was little, my grandpa always baled the small square bales. I can close my eyes and remember the smell, the feel of the hot sun, the prickly hay, all done under a wide open bright blue sky. Much love to you and yours - Raquel XO

  2. My gracious, I popped on the computer looking for a pattern, twiddled around instead, and stumbled on your blog. I am so excited, that if I wasn't 7 1/2 months pregnant right now, I would be doing cart wheels!
    I read your Mama's blog, and now, seeing that you have one too, has absolutely made my day!
    I just went through all your archives, and it was what I needed to settle my spirit for a quiet evening sewing, with the children nestled away for the night, and husband gone for a while yet.
    Blessings Rosie, you have certainly blessed me tonight!

  3. Hi Rosie~we are very big fans of the Narnia Series at my home. My teenagers have their own homeschool group to discuss the books. You have such good taste in books~I love reading about the Middle Ages~characters like Robin Hood. By the way the music from the movie is so beautiful. Have you read The Princess Bride? The movie was very good. God bless, Rose

  4. Hi Rose,
    We all love the Narnia book and have since we were all small, we still re-read them and love to read them aloud too.
    Ans we all love The Princess Bride- movie and book. So classic.
    Have you watched/read Lorna Doone ? That another good one too.

  5. No, I have not read Lorna Doone. I will go get it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation! I will try to look for the movie, too. Blessings, Rose


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