~What We Have Been Doing~

We have been busy cleaning, sewing, cooking and whooping ( we have a bout of whooping cough going through the clan here, but thankfully it is almost over ).

James has been busy, getting ready for his trip to Norway to see Abbie.
He is leaving this Friday and will be gone almost two weeks.


The other day I took a walk out around the yard.


Those chicks that Ervin gave us.
Walking around with their proud mama.

Rooster in the bean patch.

The greenhouse and the hay cutter.

Flowers, boots and an apron.

Celesia in her little car.

Aimaija on her bike.

Nicholai riding off.

Littles drawing at the table.


Homemade caramel popcorn, yum.

The croquet match.

Celeisa baby.

Jim and Chubb each in deep thought....probably each thinking......
..... " when I hit him I'll send him- hard "...