The most exciting news around here is that we now have a piano again!

We had to get rid of ours when we moved and Julia and I have been so missing having one.

The new (to us) piano.

Julia plays.

And Celeisa plays.

A cozy bed.

Good thrift store finds.

Stacks of old out-of-print books, and a Little House on the Prairie set.


::Last night::


Dinner table.

Oven fried potatoes and sauted garlic scapes.



My new linen skirt, another good thrifting find.

Loving The Chronicles of Narnia as I do.......

.....I was so happy to finds this cookbook at the library.

Star quilt hanging on the line.


Peter Pan.

Clothing ideas.


  1. I took a peek at today's post and saw so many things I liked and wish I had again. Like the clothes line not allowed in this developement..I'm glad I kept my old fashioned curtains I made more than 20 years ago and when washed still look new!. I love that skirt, that bag, This post felt like home :o) Ginny


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