~Through Our Days~

Taking advantage of the nice weather to catch up on laundry, and wash all the bedding.

Though it is raining today the last few days have been nice and hot.

We have been swimming and sewing, gardening and cooking, and... well, doing a lot.

Aimaija doing her schoolwork.

Celeisa pretending to do her schoolwork.

Nicholai hard at work.

Julia traced off an old skirt that she really liked to make a pattern.

Her kitty watched her.

She liked how it turned out so much, she made another one.


:: Swimming::

Julia and Chubb.

Nicholai makes waves.

Dead mans float.


Off on her raft.

Huckleberry Finn?

Happy kitty in the sun.


  1. I wanted to say hello after I found your blog today while browsing..I enjoyed the visit to it and will visit again. I'm wearing a new apron made by one of my blogger friends "Ladydi" . it's very cute, made with Apple motifs.
    I should get into making more for myself I use them a lot..Ginny


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