New skirts for Sophia.

She picked the fabric out herself.

And I made a new regency dress.
I have had the fabric for some time now, and was just not sure what to make out of it.
You can just see my made-from-an-old-sheet regency petticoat peeping out underneath.

I still have to sew on buttons and make the button holes,
( can you see where my neck got a good farmer's tan ?)

Perfect for summer.

In the Kitchen

Rhubarb crisp.

Butter melting in the pan.

The topping and the filling.

~Out In The Barnyard~

Our Amish neighbor, Irvin gave us this rooster and hens.
He also gave us a hen that has 6 chicks!
Too bad that I could not find them to get a photo, oh well, maybe later..


Mushrooms in the back pasture.