~From our Weekend~

Here are some pictures from our weekend.

I wish that I could have taken some on Saturday night, lying on my bed, with my two sweet little sisters ( Aimaija and Celeisa ) . Brushing and braiding their hair, telling them stories and reading the Bible to them.
Over at Wesley's and Claire's I found this Black Swallowtail butterfly, it was so happy to let me take pictures of it, such a friendly little thing.

So beautiful.


~In The Kitchen~


Baked beans.

Making cookies, for ourselves and to give to Ervin's family.

The dough.

Mount Cookie.


Old pump ( that does not work ) by the pond.


Our old silo.

Hay mower.

Looking up toward the pond.

The pond, the best swimming place around.

Outside the a strange bush grows up the side of the house.

Chubb works on the van window.

A well used croquet set.

~In The House~

An old glass bottle collection, and wooden bowls.

Hats and books.

Library basket full of good books.


The table set for dinner.