~Around The House~

I am sitting here so very, very tired.
I spent all of this morning planting the garden ( with the help of Stan Lee, Sophia, and Nicholai ).
We planted beans (bush), carrots, lettuce, swiss chard, beets, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and turnips.
We already have potatoes, beans, corn and garlic in.
But now that all the seeds are planted we get to sit back and just watch them grow, right?

I am thinking of starting up my bug collection again.
I used to be an avid collector way back, but then just stopped after a bit, and I don't know why.

Our desk.

Looking into our girls room from the doorway.

I always have stacks of books in my to-read-pile.
Oh, and the basket has sweaters in it.

Beside the bed, Bible, and some of my ( many ) hats.

Cozy bed.

More hats.

Our team, Babe and Amy.


Eggs from our hens.

A big basket of onions.

Aimaija, showing me her necklace that she made.

Out on the tire swing.

Julia out in the garden picking mint.

And I leave you with a turtle that I found roaming around the yard.