All the things to love...

My soon-be-sis Abbie posted on her blog awhile back, "5 Reasons to Love Spring" and I thought that I would follow her excellent example and write a post on things in life I love...

1: Sitting down to dinner each night with my family.
2: Eating cold pops on a hot day.
3: Laundry blowing in the breeze on the line.
4: Reading good books aloud.

5: Flowers on the table and around the house.
6: Singing with my siblings.
7: Sitting on the front porch in the evening.
8: Riding horseback through the fields.

9: Sitting watching a movie with my family and hearing somebody say, " Can anyone make something sweet -and salty too?"

10: Babies.
11: Veggies right from the garden.
12: Clean sheets on a bed.
13: Playing the guitar.
14: Down comforters.

And I had better stop, as I could keep going for a long time....


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