~Sewing And Other Happenings~

It's nice and sunny out, after days of cold and wet rain.The littles are happy to be able to play outside again.
Sophia, Nicholai and I have been reading one of the Boxcar Children books together (I read it aloud to them). I remember when I was little and loved reading the books. It's so much fun reading through them again with Sophia and Nicholai.


Pork Chops
Steamed Beets
Mashed Potatoes
Baby Carrots
And cookie bars for dessert, yum.

I finally made a Edwardian Skirt!
I never wanted to buy the pattern, as the skirt looks so simple. I finally studied the skirt very hard and then used one of my old standby 6 gored skirt patterns as a rough idea for it.
And I like the way it turned out.
The shirt is a new one that I just bought today for 25 cents (at the small, small thrift store down in our little Wesleytown) - talk about good deals!
I'm going to have to do a little bit of work to it though, as I it has a collar ( that you can't see, as I turned it under...) that I want to take off.
Oh yes, and that makes the 3rd white piece of clothing that I have ever bought. I know, I never wear white...
The skirt is made out of black linen that I just found on sale half price at the fabric store.

I still need to hem it and finish the waistband...and get out one of my hats to wear with it.

We use old glass conductors to hold our fabric down, instead of pins.


  1. I've never thought of using my conductors that way--sure saves a lot of pinning.


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