On Cooking

Saturday dinner.
Lamb pie, that is not really lamb, but beef and pork

So, lately Claire and I have been reading lots of cookbook, I guess we have been bitten by the cooking bug.
We have found some really good ones (at least I have) to add to the list of favorites that I already have.

I'm reading "Julia Child How To Cook" and it a makes me want to go out, buy lots of food and cook and bake for a long,long time.
But sadly that is not possible (due to lack of lots of money, to spend on lots of food).

The good news is that as we have been getting plenty of eggs (from our chickens and Rudy, our Amish friend, sells/gives us a lot). 

And I made omelets for breakfast, yes my first omelets. 

I have tried before, but they never quite turned out right. Today though they were just perfect-and I made 6 of them in a row. 

At least there were people here happy to eat them.