A Good Read.

I have been reading a lot as our nice weather has left us for the time being.
And I found some really good stuff on reading, and books here that I thought that you might like.

I also have news for Wesley (who is always trying to find a book/classic that I have not read), I found a book that I had not read yet- yes that is true- had not read.

The Princess Bride.

But know this, I am only telling you because I have just read it and it is not on my to-read list anymore.
All I can say is that it is better than the movie, and truly is,

" S. Morgenstern's Tale Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure".
With "Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate .Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all nature and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths.Passion.Miracles."


  1. Oh my gosh. My sister and I JUST saw the movie for the first time TODAY! Crazy! (I wasn't a big fan of the movie, though, lol.)


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