~At Our Home~

The weather cooled down today and it was so nice to have a a bit of a break from the heat.

Here are some photos from today, around the house.

The breakfast table.


Washing jar lids in the kitchen.

Homemade salad dressing.

Mint tea, hits the spot on hot summer days with ice.

Our treadle sewing machine, with books on top (of course).

We have always used electric sewing machines, but have want a treadle for a long time, and the Lord provided one for us.

I sorted through all my period dresses, and got out some of my regency gowns to wash.

As they need to be washed with care I took out the washboard, filled up the bathtub and started to scrub.

All the whites went in, and then the blues. 

I headed out to the garden to take some pictures.

Chives out in the garden.

The sky outside in the morning.

Perfect weather for hanging clothes out on the line.

Outside in the back yard..