Hi, my name is Rosie!

I love coffee, my family, books, Jesus, sunshine, photography, kombucha, house plants, sewing, dreaming, singing, the ocean, cooking, tea, and hiking. But definitely not all in that order!

I live near the ocean in the beautiful state of Connecticut, with my husband, Adam, and our children, Adriana, Piper, and Lawrence.

Adam works as a welder, and I work from home in customer support. 

The current pet status (I say current because it's always changing) are our cats,  Loki, Grey, Lightening, and Pickles, our (former) house bunnies, Jack and FuFu, a tank full of goldfish, two hamsters, a guinea pig named Snickerdoodle, a Ball Python named Monty (see what we did there?), and our pup, Daisy.
We also have a flock of poultry in our backyard.  

This blog is a place where I can journal about my life (look in the archives to read about days long ago), my thoughts, dreams, and adventures. Things might sometimes look all rosy over here, but I assure you that's not always the case. We all know life is hard, parenting can be a pain, and relationships stressful. I choose to try and only share the good on here, since we all need a little spot of brightness someplace in this world.

If you are new to Rosie's Ramblings, then welcome, please grab a mug of tea, sit down, and stay for a while. If you are a longtime reader then hi, old friend, it's nice to see you again :)