Life Lately. October Edition

Just some photos for the memory book from these busy days.  The weather has officially cooled down, and we are eating all the pumpkin and apple-flavored things. I've been trying to bake a little more (I'm blaming it on the weather) and yesterday made not one, but TWO banana cream pies while at my dad's place. 

Today we have had a super lazy Sunday. The kiddos have a cold and were up with sore throats a lot last night, so we took naps, watched t.v. and make chicken burritos. It was nice to have an unplanned day for the first time in a while. 

We've been planning Halloween costumes and enjoying long walks and trips to the playground again. Our weekly Thursday nature walks with the cousins are also a big favorite around here. 

I found an old book list of good reads from October and November and figured it was worth sharing again, so here it is! 

With the days passing so quickly and work so busy, now with school added on (we take a really laid back approach to Pre-K and Kindergarten, but still) this poor little corner of the web is getting just a bit neglected. To be honest, sometimes it's just plain easier to post a quick photo on Insta, or share in stories, than post here.  However, when I come and look through old posts I know that I'll never stop posting on this space. It has got so many memories, of years back, and more recent, and it's so wonderful to be able to go look through them. 

Okay. Enough rambling. It's time to start the bedtime routine and begin winding down for the night. 

I hope each one of you had a lovely weekend and are ready to conquer Monday with me! 


  1. Cute little girls...and looking so happy too!! Hope their colds leave soon...tis hard to have them ill!!


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