Piper Mae: Ten Months Old

Look who's now ten months old! It's official; Piper Mae is not a little baby anymore. She's walking and says a bunch of words now. She also has the happiest, cutest little personality.

At ten months old Piper can:

+Walk. Like, for real. We have a walker! 
+Say words. Dadda, Mama, Adri, and nurse.
+Wave bye (this one is really cute since she does it to me when she's nursing to sleep).
+Clap. If we yell "yay" she starts to clap right away.

She has: 

+Seven teeth now! They are coming in SO slowly. She got two, and then four at once, and now a month later she has only gotten one more. At this rate, she'll be a year old with hardly any teeth.
+The cutest little voice. Both my kiddos have these tiny little baby voices. 
+Also the LOUDEST voice. She yells like nobody's business. I'll have to get it on film sometime.

Piper loves:

+Her family. Daddy and Adri Rose are the favorites (I got moved to third place).
+The kitties.
+Water. We have a water bug! She loves swimming and would play in the tub or at the water table all day.
+Dancing. As soon as she hears music she starts to bop around. Girl has good rhythm! 
+Food. Piper now eats everything we do. She loves, loves food and eats ALL the time. Still nursing like crazy too though.
+Reading. Like Adri did, Piper also loves to read. She's always sitting in a corner with a bunch of board books. Unlike Adri though, she almost always has them upside down.

We love you, Piper Mae! 


  1. What a sweet little person you are, Piper Mae. Hadassah is now 3.5 months old, and I have no idea where the time goes. The days just aren't long enough.

  2. Time sure goes fast. My youngest grand boy, Hank, is 8 months old already. I keep him during the day while our daughter in law works. Love all the Tanta ( what our oldest grandson, Grayson, calls me ) time I get.
    Hugs to all!!


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