favorites from my week

1. These two pals. Always hanging out together. I have more pictures than I can count of these two playing, reading, and exploring.

2. Adri's first fish that she caught. Probably to most exciting moment to date in her young life!

3. This photo of me with my pal. One of my favorite people right there.

4. Adam and I went and saw the new Jurassic World last week. It was so good! I've never read the books, so starting this today.

5. I grabbed some new salad bowls at Aldi when I was shopping this week. I tried the Nourished bowl last night and it was really good! I think if I had it as the main course for dinner I would try to add some grain or rice of some type.

6. My sisters are so sweet to my babies and that makes me so happy. Like, really, really happy.

7. A not-uncommon sight around our house. Two little book worms.

8. Adam is always catching fish and keeping our freezer stocked with it. He went fishing with brother Wesley last week and we cooked up the fish they caught for our second 4th party. This was all that was left after a few minutes.

8. Best of friends, partners in crimes, and my darling girls. 

We don't have any big plans for this weekend. Adam has work tomorrow and while he's at work I'm planning on taking the girls to the Farmer's Market, the library, and the playground. 
Sunday we are going to try to either go hiking or swimming, depending on how hot it is out. 

Have a great weekend!