we lost the snake

 And here I was all happy about the weekend and it being Friday and all, and then Adam had to wake me up this morning when he was leaving for work to tell me that Pokey, our three foot long Ball Python is missing. What fun. Yes, we have a giant snake loose in our house. We have looked everywhere and are going to look some more after Adam gets home from work. It sounds like we'll probably be successful in finding her (thanks to all my 5:00am Googling) however in the meantime I guess I'll have to be super careful every time I open a box, put on a shoe, or sit on the couch.

This past week Piper had a growth spurt and has really taken off in the eating department. She's eating about three times a day, continues to nurse all the time, and even then is still hungry. She's also getting into everything, and (this is the big one) can climb, yes, CLIMB up on the couch. We had the couch cushions on the floor (thanks, Adri) and she climbed up on on of them, and then moved onto the couch. Twice. My peaceful life has ended. 

We are looking forward to the weekend, and are going to take things easy. We did have plans to go to the indoor waterpark near us, but I think we're going to wait until next weekend. 
It's snowing outside right now and has been since yesterday. Not exactly what I was thinking for our April, but still it sure is pretty out there.
I'm off to clean, plan dinner, and search for a three foot snake in my house. Wish me luck!


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