How I Make Money Blogging

To be honest, I don't think I'm quite the right person to be talking about this subject since I don't really make that much money from blogging, I mean, it's not like I'm about to quit my day job anytime soon. There are others out there that have so much more to say and are really the experts on this matter.
However, I have found a few ways to make money from blogging that helps to offset the (literally) hours of time I spend shooting photos, creating content, editing, and writing for this little spot on the web, and here are a few of the resources that I use.

Hopefully, this is helpful to anyone out there that's been blogging for a while and is looking to get (even a little) compensation for their time spent.

One| compensation through a product.* Sometimes a company will offer me free products in exchange for talking about it, and/or their company. I usually love doing this because often it's a product that I'm really interested in and want to try out.

Two| getting paid to talk about a product. This for an actual post that I write and often includes required media shares as well (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Three| Affiliate Links. If I talk about a product and link to it there is a good chance that it's an affiliate link. If you order something through the link I get a (very) small percentage of it, but it doesn't cost you any extra.

Four| AdSense. I have ads that run on my site and they make money for me. You can run up to the three at a time and they are a nice way to make money without being work on your end or being too obvious on your site.

Five| Affiliate Networks. Amazon is the one that I use (there are quite a few though) and if I talk about and then link back to a product and you click through and buy something I make a small percentage of that purchase (at no extra cost to you).

 Six| Influencer Networks. Linqia is a favorite of mine (easy to sign up too!) and the one that I use the most. I also use Collectively.

A few disclaimers. I only work with companies that I love and support. I don't talk about a product unless I actually try it and really like it. I'd advise anyone that wants to try blogging and making money to first blog for a while and then slowly add in sponsored content (blog post mentions in exchange for free product is a great way to start), and then go from there.

*book reviews are separate from this. I sometimes get books for free in exchange for posting a review about them. Not all book reviews that I write are sponsored though.

All that said, thank-you to each one of you that reads, comments, likes, and takes an interest in our little world. You guys are the best and honestly make blogging a wonderful experience!



  1. Thanks for this post, Rosie. I’ve been blogging for many years and have thought of doing some of these things you’ve mentioned. If I have more questions do you mind if I ask?

    1. You are welcome Deanna! I'm glad to hear that it was helpful. By all means, feel free to ask any questions! I'd be happy to answer them :)

  2. Rosie,
    How kind of you to share this to help others. I do not blog but absolutely LOVE yours. Always so peaceful reading your words.
    Hugs and blessings,


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