Piper Mae: Six Months Old

Happy, happy six whole months to this sweetheart! I honestly am shocked that a whole half a year has already gone by. The second time around goes sooooo much faster than the first. 

Our Piper Mae is such lovebug. She's getting really big too, and her giggles and laughter are the best ever.
She's a shy little little thing, who doesn't really like strangers. If they get too close she starts the long, sad baby wail, so we try to keep her tucked in her seat or the carrier when we go out. The doctor is also terrifying for her (it was for Adri Rose too) and she hates our doctor visits.
 The Stranger Danger is real with this one ;) 

At six months old Piper can:

+roll over.

+sit up, without help.

+get up on all fours and rock back and forth (almost ready to crawl!).

+scoot around on the floor on her belly.

+say "Dadda".

+coo, giggle, laugh, smile, and fly around in her little scooter seat.

+eat some foods. We've introduced bananas, avocados, and apple sauce so far.

Piper loves:

+getting in the tub.


+her family. Mommy is still the favorite though.

+her toys. She has a nice little collection of them started, and even has her own basket to store them in.

+watching the hamsters play in the cage.

+going outside.

+snuggles and kisses.

+the kitties.

+watching P.J Masks with Adri Rose.

A very loose daily schedule that we have going is: 

6:15am--wake up. nurse.
7:00am--hang out with Adri and play.
8:30am--nurse+first morning nap.
9:15am--bath time with Adri.
10:00am--nurse+down for her next morning nap. I try to get her to sleep for awhile, but Adri usually ends up waking her up.
11:00am--wake, nurse, play for a bit. At this time Adri's usually having Quiet Time. I try to have her nap at the same time that Adri's sitting quietly, but it rarely works.
1:00pm--if it's nice out we go outside. If not, we hang out inside. Adri does some crafts, puzzles, or we read books.
2:30pm--nurse+another (very) short nap.
5:00pm--dinnertime (and maybe a little food for Piper, otherwise she nurses again).
6:30pm--bath time (if I didn't bathe them in the morning), and bedtime routine.

Piper Mae we love you!