Dreaming of gardens, and Spring

Last week Karla shared about the fairy house that she bought for her daughter. It was so sweet, and at only $16.00 how can you go wrong? Since we've been snow-bound, starving for Spring, and Adri's been on a fairy-kick lately I decided there was no reason to not grab one for us. 

It came in the mail yesterday and it is just as cute as it looks like online. Even though it says it's for 4+ years old Adri had no problem setting it up, spreading the soil, and planting the little "Magical Seeds". Oh, and it comes with a little table and chairs, as well as a small fairy and her rabbit (that Adri promptly lost).

Adri's been watering it, and talking about her garden that's growing, so I'd say it's a success.

{our favorite fairy movie}

{the hands-down best fairy book for toddlers. Adri loves this book}


We got hit with another storm last night and it's been snowing steadily all morning. Adri is playing right now, Piper is sleeping, and I'm attempting to tackle a mountain of emails that are waiting for me. 
I was talking to Julia (my sister) this morning, and we were saying how Winter seems to be just dragging on. We've only had about one week of no snow and warm(er) weather in the past four months, and I think it's starting to wear everyone down just a bit. Adam also pointed out last night that trout season is starting next week, and there's still so. much. snow. Oh, and the first day of Spring is only ONE WEEK away.  Hard to imagine while there's a snow storm outside.

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. I hope your little girl wasn't too sad over the lost rabbit. The fairy garden is just the sweetest! We haven't had too bad of a winter, but March is usually our snowiest month in CO, and we haven't had a flake of snow yet. I'm thinking we'll probably get a foot or more around Easter! I've been through winters where the snow is unrelenting, and those are hard, especially with little children. Hang in there!!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      She was actually fine about loosing the rabbit, and has already forgotten about it! lol Lucky you guys with no snow! We have about 2 1/2 feet right now! It's everywhere and everyone is sooooo tired of it. We really can't wait for Spring!

  2. In the first photo, Adri looks so much like you. I've seen that serious, thoughtful look and set jaw on you before. So, she is not just Adam's mini me. Ha, ha!
    I love you.

    1. I think she's looking more like me too! Piper looks JUST like Adam though lol Miss you, and see you next weekend!


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