first outing as a family of four, trip to the doctors, and more.

But first. How sweet are my two sleeping babes? We are still working on getting them to both be sleeping at the same time, but all that cuteness sure makes up for the lack of sleep I'm getting.

Besides, that's what coffee is for, right?  

We had to go out today, and it was our first time with all four of us. It may have taken twice as long to get ready to leave, and we had to take twice as much stuff (I got so used to just throwing an extra diaper and wipes in my bag for Adri) but we made it out of the house in the end.

We went to the library (surprise, surprise) to return stuff, and pick a pile of things up. They also have a bunch of Monarch Butterflies hatching and Adri loved them! 

On Thursday I took Piper to the doctor's and she's doing great! She's already gained back 4 of the 9 ounces she lost from birth. She's (as we already knew) perfectly fine, super strong, and totally healthy.

Look at all that sweet baby-ness! And her dark hair is the cutest. Sigh.

So so much love right there. Adri talks about her "baby seester" constantly, and loves her so much. It's so precious how she is always checking on her and won't leave my/our side. 

Last week we harvested some of our Brussels Sprouts and have them with chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. There is nothing like fresh produce right from the garden. 

Also, we pulled all our tomato plants and gathered up the green ones. Now they are ripening on the back porch and we plan on making lots of sauce.

I leave you with a picture of all that adorableness. 

We don't have any plans for the weekend other than taking it easy. Adam is back to work on Monday and I need to rest up for solo parenting of two. lol

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. What a little are a very lucky mommy, she just looms perfect! Adri I will be a great big sister!

    Your produce looks wonderful, I've never grown my own brussell sprouts, yum.


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